Sabtu, 08 Mei 2010

Victory is, indeed, SWEET!


got dissapointed recently
you know i always thought he was decent, even after it ended
i thought good thing about him
but it turned out that..... BOYS WILL ALWAYS BE BOYS


but it paid well for me, after all of the breakups, heartbroke, and some mending i have to dealt with after, i actually got through all of the blunders!

aaaaaaanddddddd........... i got myself accepted in university of indonesia!!!!!!!

man, still cant believe it till now

victory is, indeed, sweet.

lets just say this life is a battlefield
its a lion fight everywhere, theres no pity and theres no honor

but if there is ever a time where you didnt win

dont lick your wounds, celebrate them! it showed that you were a competitor
chin up, and strut off!! we're just animals,lions
and just because you didnt win, doesnt mean you dont know how to roar

(my favorite quote, from greys anatomy, you should watch it)

well then, adieu

rock on world

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