Senin, 24 November 2008


yup. so i one night i was so damn bored and i made this stupid list. at first, i thought i was just gonna bury it in the deepest path of my messy closet, and open it ten years later and laugh myself to death by the thought of what a depressed girl i was. yeah well don't blame me. puberty is messing with my emotion. buuuut then i thought "what's the point of making a very stupid list without having other people see it and let them humiliate myself to death and laugh at my sorry ass" soooo here it is. brace yourself. be glad i am willing to share this. if this is not funny or stupid enough to you, then just shut up. okay? deal.

1. go mountain-hiking
2. do cliff jumping
3. be a backpacker ( impossible? i know)
4. go all emo and scream my lungs out
5. walk on the moon (don't blame me, blame armageddon)
6. ride a llama
7. cut my brother's fav shirt into a sexy bikini
8. dye my sister's hair white (she'll be glad, she's a huge fan of storm from x-men, she just didn't have enough confidence)
9. dress up as charlie chaplin
10. cut my brother's hair samurai style ; like this ~ (lovely right?)

11. go to greece
12. steal jacob smith/daniel radcliffe/ liam aiken/rob pattinson/channing tatum's underwear
13. sneak in to an all boys school (i dont know, it works out in all that chinese/taiwanese drama)
14. get a new look (impossible. i know. I KNOW)
15. sleep in the middle of a savannah (wow. imagine all of that mosquitos)
16. climb a pineapple tree (pineapple grows in a tree....right?)
17. feed a piranha
18. go to amazon
19. win a nobel prize
20. see the mona lisa
21. get a job as hayden panettiere's stunt
22. make a really good joke (i know. lame)
23. say "hi" to my highschool crush (how lame is that)
24. shake hands with gorilla
25. get my self a boyfriend

that's all....for now. FOR NOW.
i'll let you know if i come up with moe ideas.

and who am i?? that's a secret i'll never tell.

you know you love me


-freaky girl- (lame. I KNOW)

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